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Welcome to FIT Golf Center

Every golfer has a different and unique swing. Your clubs should be fitted to you and only you. Whether you get your clubs custom fitted with the finest forged clubs from Japan or top branded clubs, we'll make sure that your clubs are fitted for your optimum results. Don’t play with clubs that are mass-produced for the general public, your game, time and investment is too precious. We’re here to make sure your clubs are FIT for your game.

Club Heads

At Fit Golf Center, we specialize in premium iron heads. 

Our evolutionary inventory includes Miura, Epon, Shinagawa, Fujimoto, and KZG. 


Hand crafted forged irons by Katsuhiro Miura.

"His quest for perfection never stops"


Premium Japanese clubs forged by Endo.


Shinagawa irons are hand crafted by Mr. Kiyoshi Shinagawa in the region of Japan called Himeji. Himeji is popular for its high quality forging of Japanese swords dating back to 794 C.E. Himeji is now a golf iron manufacturing hub of Japan.


Fujimoto Gikoh manufactures custom golf club heads in the traditional way (Carbon steel hand made Iron and Putter head). They produce high-end heads by order only. Master Fujimoto and his staff manufacture each carbon steel head in a Brazier one by one.


We are also authorized dealer for advanced, premium shafts. 

Popular brands includes


Premium shaft specially designed for fairway woods and drivers.

Graphite Design

With a variety of profile from low to high launch and low to high spin for individual fitting


Well known for this KBS Tour Iron shafts on tour producing optimal spin and launch condition


A long time popular brand for iron shafts to fit every level of golfer from its 75 grams NS PRO 750 to its advanced Modus 3 Serie


To complete our Evolutionary Custom Fitting, we have a wide selection of grips. From sizes to colours, and to styles, custom fitting with us is like no others. 

Golf Pride

Super Stroke

Perfect Pro



Pure Grip