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Miura Passing Point - Straight Neck


Passing Point philosophy


That passing point -- from acquaintance to friend, novice to serious student, casual golfer to committed competitor -- is different for everyone, just as no two golf swings are alike.


So when the Miura sons, Shinei and Yoshitaka, asked themselves, “What does the term ‘friendly’ mean in a golf club?” they knew not every golf would need or want the same kind of ease with trajectory. While a very offset club would work well for some players, too much offset would cause others to send the ball more to the left than they want.


As with the regular 9003, the Miura sons don’t want to force the player to make changes to a well-honed swing just to keep the ball on line. That notion was important enough to justify a major extension of the Passing Point philosophy to a less-offset model.


The wider sole to help with effective turf interaction is still there, shaped and positioned proportionally for the less offset Straight Neck model. Still, the sole takes an elegant shape that doesn’t look oversized. And as with the regular 9003, the offset flows pleasingly into the club head for the same confident look at address. The flight still gets high and lands soft without fluttering or weakening at the top of the trajectory.


The Passing Point 9003 is Miura’s way of inviting all golfers into better, more satisfying play with the feeling of fine forged clubs -- no matter what their trajectory needs might be.

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